Advanced MP2® training is provided specific to your business requirements, using accelerated learning techniques and is highly interactive. Structured agendas are perfect for seasoned MP2® users and are now looking for a guided, methodology for maximizing the benefits to be gained by using MP2® effectively.

MP2® Advanced – Planning and Scheduling
3 Days – Participants will be given the knowledge and skills required to create and apply a successful maintenance plan for their entire organization based on their own MP2® data. Participants will learn how to unlock the power of MP2® planning and scheduling functionality.   Course Details

MP2® Advanced – Goals and Objectives 
2 Days – Participants are provided practical tools to solve problems using MP2® reporting and data analysis. Learn how to use MP2® to determine the effectiveness of your PM program.  This highly interactive workshop provides you and your team with the tools to create options under pressure that can quickly adapt to change and find opportunities where there only seem to be problems. You will learn how to “Orange” maintenance to determine who owns it.   Course Details

MP2® Advanced – Setting Your Asset Management Strategy 
2 Days – This highly interactive workshop is designed to enhance the effectiveness of your MP2 PM program.   During this 2 (or 3) day workshop, we deep dive into a variety of maintenance strategies such as CBM, RCM, TPM and others.  Using your existing PM program participants select / apply strategies that drive Proactive Maintenance, improve operational efficiencies and reduce cost with MP2®.   Course Details

MP2® Advanced – Materials Management 
2 Days – MP2®  MRO Materials Management is a Demand Supply function managed through cross functional coordination of manufacturing, maintenance, and the inventory management departments including procurement, stores, and accounting.  Participants will learn how to look at all the process and facilities necessary to coordinate these activities into a World Class MRO maintenance management best practices operation under MP2®.   Course Details