Accelerated Learning

All our advanced MP2 training uses accelerated learning design. Accelerated learning is a scientific approach to help people retain information. In a normal classroom people retain 5% of what they learn two weeks later. In accelerated learning people retain over 50% of the information a year later. It works on the model that people learn when they are fully engaged. For more information on accelerated learning click on the link below.

How to Create an Accelerated Learning Experience

MP2 Training and Consulting by Global Wide Maintenance

Global Wide Maintenance has been providing effective, affordable MP2 maintenance software training for 15 years.   We offer both standard and customized MP2 software training classes.  Whether your MP2 System is brand new or needs to be dusted off and fired up, your MP2 users will get their hands on the keyboard and practice using your MP2 system so that your business can find the most value from your MP2 system.  Additionally, if you are already using MP2 and simply need to reach the next level, or want to be sure you are getting the most value from your MP2 software, we can help.  We offer MP2 consultants acting as both trainers and coaches to help evaluate your MP2 data and usage, combined with your specific maintenance business processes, to then help your maintenance business reach that next level using MP2 CMMS.